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A Day at the Zoo – Mike Atnip
Children can visit the zoo every day as they page through this beautiful book. Featuring gazelles, bears, gorillas, leopards, and many more zoo animals, this book is a special treat.

A Single PageBrooke Brubaker Illustrated by Lana Kuhns
How excited Andrew is when Grandfather asks him to accompany him on the long wagon ride to the Ephrata Cloister. He can hardly believe he will finally get to see the printing press and the great Martyr Book he has heard so much about. Follow Andrew’s adventurous trip and learn how the gift of a single page from the Great Book changes the way he responds to those who mistreat him.

Blind MarthaVelina Showalter, Illustrated by Shirley Myers
All around Martha are beautiful things she cannot see—the green grass, the sky, and the light of the sun. But Martha’s life is full of light because she walks with God. She spreads sunshine wherever she goes. Her neighbors know her as a person who lives to give and does not complain. A full-color children’s book. The second book in the Conqueror Series.

Bread upon the WatersElizabeth Wagler
Gertel Wagner is not famous, but those who come in contact with her are blessed by her warmth and hospitality. This story traces the story of a young Belizean girl who commits her life to God and pours out her energy as a faithful wife and loving mother, faithful in the daily grind of thankless tasks and committed to blessing those around her.

Four AngelsVelina Showalter, Illustrated by Shirley Myers
Grandma and Grandpa froze when they woke up and saw robbers in their bedroom. What do you think the robbers did when they heard Grandma saying the prayer rhyme she had learned as a little girl? This is a full‑color book for children of all ages.

Friend PennRebecca Newswanger, Illustrated by Igor Kondratyuk
With its fascinating color illustrations, this book is an enjoyable way for children of all ages to learn about William Penn. Instead of stealing the Indians’ land, Friend Penn wanted to buy it fairly with cloth, mirrors, and other special trinkets from the Old World. This book holds a beautiful message about fairness and respect that resulted in many years of peace between the Indians and settlers in Pennsylvania.

God Made the MarshMike Atnip
Enjoy a visit to the summer marsh and discover the vibrant plant and animal life there. Observe an unusual water lily and take a close-up look at the eye of a damselfly. Many other marvels wait for you in the marsh.

God’s Secret Agent – Diane Yoder
Nicu wanted to serve God in any capacity he could, but he had not anticipated an assignment full of danger and sleepless nights. Yet the opportunity sparked a sense of excitement and purpose. Nicu constantly had to place his life in God’s hands. As he did, he witnessed miracle after miracle. A faith-strengthening story of how God’s hand protected His secret agent time and again.

Hold Them NearCatherine Beachy Yoder
A cold . . . a fight to breathe . . . weakness . . . death. Sara’s mother heart was wrenched as one child after another succumbed to a mysterious genetic heart condition. Otherwise an ordinary couple, Noah and Sara Beachy began raising their family in the 1940s. Their trust in God deepened as blow after blow of tragedy rained on them. Despite Sara’s grief, her testimony of faith lives on, unsullied by bitterness. May this true story inspire you to lean on God wholly as you face trials, and remind you to treasure the moments you have with your children. Revised and expanded version.

God is GoodGary Miller
Nick is fed up with life and aggravated by the simple-minded people who believe in a supreme being in spite of all the agony and chaos around them. How can they have the audacity to say their God is good? Written in story form and ending with the author’s personal journey, this book is a good gift for an agnostic or atheist friend. It can also be used to strengthen the faith of a Christian believer.

Kingdom-Focused FinancesGary Miller 
This book directs the reader to make Biblically sound decisions about life and finances. It contains a practical nuts-and-bolts approach to Christian finances. The author points to principles that matter now and for eternity.

Miracle in Room 3123Bill & Pauline Miller with Sherilyn Yoder
Bill and Pauline look forward to spending Christmas at home with their children. But a mysterious illness sends Bill to the hospital, where he battles for his life. It sends Pauline to her knees, where she battles to give up her will and surrender her husband to God.

Song of the ShepherdessGwendolyn Hertzler
A heart-wrenching story of the tragedy of sin and the great love of a Shepherd who tirelessly seeks His wandering sheep. Luisa struggles to break free from a background of witchcraft, alcoholism, and poverty after receiving the truth brought to her by Mennonite missionaries in Guatemala. Her journey is marked by cycles of defeat and relentless searches for truth and fellowship. Will she ever surrender and return to God and His people?

Tomahawks to Peace (softcover)James Landis
Nineteen-year-old John Heckewelder is taken captive by Big Indian, a savage from the Delaware tribe, and is renamed Turtle. In a complete re-education campaign, Big Indian shatters all the myths that Turtle had been taught about the Indians. Struggle with Turtle in his isolated and lonely condition as he tries to decide if the stories Big Indian tells are truth or if they are fabricated stories intended to make the Indians look better than the white people. The third volume in The Conquest Series.

Wonders in the Sea – Mike Atnip
Dive into the wonders of discovering the amazing creatures of the ocean. Uncover astonishing similarities of nature below the surface to those that “creep upon the earth.”


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