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A Flame Forever Bright Claudia Esh
The story of Dirk Willems rescuing his pursuer who fell through the ice is one of the best-known stories in the Martyrs Mirror. However, almost nothing is known about Willems’ life prior to his arrest and being burned at the stake. A Flame Forever Bright weaves fictional narrative with the basic facts of Dirk Willems’ life to tell his story through the eyes of his younger sister Lucia. Set in Holland in the 1500s.

Against the Odds Rachael Lofgren
You would think Vera would give up, in view of being partially paralyzed by polio, but she wouldn’t. Why should a severe handicap stop her from teaching school, going on a cruise, or climbing a silo! Be challenged and inspired as you read the story of Vera, who lived a full life against the odds.

Amanda Musselman Velina Showalter, Illustrated by Josephine Beachy
In the early 1900’s, Amanda Musselman and her friend Mary open a Sunday school for children, sing in the hospitals, provide food and blankets for orphans and widows, and seek other ways to show Jesus’ love in Philadelphia.

Amish by Adoption Lily Bear
How does my mother look? Who is my father? Andy King wrestles with all the normal questions of an adopted child, even as he finds a sense of belonging with his adoptive parents. Eventually he locates a few biological relatives, but Andy’s deep gratitude for Dad and Mom King remains. You will see the hand of God at work and learn how Andy became . . . Amish by adoption.

Betteken’s Refuge Diane Yoder
It is 1573, and being an Anabaptist is forbidden in the Netherlands. Betteken Wens, the daughter of an Anabaptist minister, struggles with fear but finds peace in God. Historical fiction.

God’s Grace in the Valley Faythelma Bechtel
Life is never the same after losing a loved one, but it can be good again. Born out of the author’s own grief journey, this devotional offers hope to those who mourn. The author’s prayer is that this book will comfort your heart no matter what dark valley you may be experiencing. You do not have to bear your grief alone. God’s grace can be found in every valley.

Helen’s Temper Mrs. George Gladstone
Helen is a well-liked, bright girl who attends Sunday school regularly. But when God brings poor Louisa into her life, Helen’s hidden pride and selfishness erupt in a fury that brings suffering to both. Will her evil deed one day be discovered? Will the consequences of her anger never end? Originally printed in 1872. Early Classic.

It’s Not Your Business Gary Miller
How can business owners intentionally pursue the kingdom of God while using their resources wisely? Find ways to keep Christ at the center of your business in a materialistic world.

Lenape HomelandJames Landis
Lenape Homeland brings you inside council houses, family circles, and the hearts of the Lenape Indians in ways that historians have not. Imaginatively told from the viewpoint of master Lenape storytellers, this account is taken from oral history and stands in stark contrast to the often biased “pen and ink” tales of Whites who thought themselves civilized and believed the Indians to be only crude savages. Based on extensive research and written in gripping narrative.

Life in the WoodsMike Atnip
Did you know a fly’s eye is made up of hundreds of little eyes? Have you ever seen a candy-striped leafhopper, scarlet elf cups, or the details of a crane fly’s wings? Learn about many wonders of God’s creation as you meander through the summer woods in Ohio.

Little Aggie’s Fresh Snowdrops & Little Violet  F.M.S.
This 2-in-1 Early Classic was originally published in 1871. Follow the journey of Little Aggie’s Fresh Snowdrops as they leave the forest and brighten and comfort young hearts along the way. In Little Violet, a self-centered young girl learns a secret from the purple violets that turns her sadness into joy and transforms her life.

Paws on My PorchGary Miller
This collection of short stories draws life lessons from the antics of Drover the dog, Moses the cat, and other familiar creatures. Most of these meditations were printed in Beside the Still Waters. Biblical truths are applied in a lively and engaging format.

Unconditional Surrender –  Pablo Yoder
Pete grew up in a Catholic home that promoted high moral values, but he longed for more of God. He enlisted in the Navy, served in Vietnam, and then worked as a game warden, sheriff’s deputy, and ranger in the Rocky Mountains. But he couldn’t forget Gary, his Mennonite friend from Oregon. Their camping trips and lengthy conversations about Bible principles like nonresistance had stirred Pete’s heart. Reading the Bible for himself, Pete faced a decision. Would he commit to what the Bible said and forsake all to follow God?

Voices of Syria –  Katrina Hoover
This book is an attempt to give a voice to ordinary people whose lives have been shattered by war. As the author visited the Middle East, she captured the stories of brokenhearted Syrians who had fled their homeland. Listen to their longings for peace, a home, and a future.

What Happened to Our Money?Gary Miller
Ignorance of Biblical money management often sets young people on a path of financial hardship that results in anxiety, marital discord, depression, or envy. This book presents young couples with foundational truths for finances.


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