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A Friend for Nelda
The Pepper family brought long-eared Sparkle to Happy Day Farm to be a friend to Nelda the horse. Nelda did not care at all for Sparkle and made life difficult for her. What could Sparkle do to become Nelda’s friend? Happy Day Farm Series book.

Angel Wolf
Being a Christian in the Soviet Union during the 1930s was not easy. When Pavel was shipped to a Siberia prison camp, he suffered from cold and hunger. But God was with him. This true story tells how God sent a four-legged “angel” to help him.

Blackie the Crow
Blackie the crow teased the dog, he teased the cats, and he teased visitors. He even picked beans, but he picked them out of the bucket, not out of the garden. Blackie followed the children to school one day. What a surprise to see him there! This true story will delight young children.
Green Meadow Series book

God Makes a Way
Faith is a young girl in Liberia. She often wonders if there will be rice for supper. She doesn’t sleep well when she goes to bed hungry. This story takes us through Faith’s day. Faith learns something important: God will make a way. He always does.

In the Shadow of Eternity
Trindl and her husband, Jakob Hutter, were caught in the tumultuous 1500s during the birth of Anabaptism. Faced with suffering and death, their goal was simply to follow Christ— regardless of the cost.

Kidnapped in Haiti
The kidnapping of seventeen missionaries in Haiti made headline news. Christians around the world prayed as the hostages faced physical danger, spiritual darkness, sickness, boredom, and discouragement. When and how would their captivity end? Would the God of Daniel deliver them?

Out of the Miry Clay
Mauren was uneasy. For days now, Hurricane Mitch had been dumping tons of rain on Nicaragua. Once more she gazed warily up the side of the mountain. Something caught her eye. Her heart froze . . . Farther west, on the Casita Volcano, Ricardo was checking his crops on the lower slopes. He too was uneasy. Never had it rained like this. He paused as a sudden rumble arrested his attention. His eyes widened as he looked up. In disbelief, he turned to run . . . Two families, two mountains—but one storm and one God.

Quest for Truth
Crying in anguish, young Luba clung to her mother as the car carrying her father disappeared. Would she ever see him again? Growing up in Ukraine at the height of the Soviet Union’s power, Luba survived a deadly man-made famine and was forced to toil in a labor camp. But perhaps most unsettling of all were the agonizing questions: Are the communists right? Is there really no God? As Luba and her son Sergei and his wife seek answers to these questions, they face discouragement and despair. Sergei is sure that if he could escape the tyranny of communism, he would be happy. But when that doesn’t help, he is desperate.

Under God’s Watchful Care
Fasten your seatbelts. We’ll go all the way around the world—and come back at the same time we started. In this book we will meet 24 children who live in 24 different time zones. It will be midnight in one place, 1:00 a.m. in another, and so on. At each stop, we will explore the country and find out how the people live. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Mara’s Gift
Rachit, a young boy in Cambodia, was excited. His teachers were hosting a Christmas party at school and had promised snacks and gifts. His sister Mara could not go along. With her crippled legs, she had to stay at home. Rachit wanted to bring her something. This true story tells us how God provided a gift for Mara—in a way no one expected.

Moments with Birds
Birds are among the greatest wonders of God’s creation. This full-color book gives us at least three reasons: birds are beautiful, they are inspiring, and they are fascinating. The author shares many lessons he has learned from birds. A great gift item for older children and young adults that will teach them about birds, God, and themselves.

Tech Talk
Digital technology is both helpful and harmful, delightful and dangerous. This presents a challenge compelling godly youth to make difficult choices. Peer pressure is powerful, and no one wants to be left behind. How are youth going to survive this enticing world of technology? This book offers Biblical principles, practical guidance, and a group study guide to help young people make hard choices in a soft society.

This is book two in the Century in Crisis series, bringing to life a tumultuous period in the history of Christianity in the time of Constantine. It was a time of deception, testing the faith of true believers. Experiencing both freedom and persecution, the Christian church struggled to remain faithful to the teachings of Christ.

When God Calls
As the Troyer family settled into the village of Slate Falls, Ontario, and met their neighbors, they realized there was much work to do. Many of the people were slaves to drinking and other vices. Humorous and sad, uplifting and inspiring, this is a story of harsh and unforgiving winters, needy people, and how God used the Troyers to change people’s hearts.

Dear Brother Patrick
“Brady intercepted the ball! He’s running! He’s at the 10-yard line! Still going . . . It’s a touchdown!” Thousands of fans revel in the excitement of the game. Yelling and screaming and cheering, they focus on only one thing—seeing their team win. But how does God see all this? Is it just a harmless diversion? Through an exchange of imaginary letters, Dear Brother Patrick addresses these questions and discusses the world of professional sports.

Two Boys Chosen
The boys grabbed their gloves and headed for the open field. It was to be an enjoyable Sunday afternoon. Instead, tragedy struck. Six-year-old Floyd was devastated. Sadness and despair filled his heart. This true story shows how a touch from God brought healing to a young boy’s heart. Pencil drawings emphasize the poignant scenes.

A Peaceful Way
This is the beautiful story about the peace-loving Quakers who took no guns with them to their meeting and kept their church house doors open. Then the Indians came and saw the open door. A great lesson in non-resistance.





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