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Blind Martha -Velina Showalter, Illustrated by Shirley Myers
All around Martha are beautiful things she cannot see—the green grass, the sky, and the light of the sun. But Martha’s life is full of light because she walks with God. She spreads sunshine wherever she goes. Her neighbors know her as a person who lives to give and does not complain. A full-color children’s book. The second book in the Conqueror Series.

Bread upon the Waters -Elizabeth Wagler
Gertel Wagner is not famous, but those who come in contact with her are blessed by her warmth and hospitality. This story traces the story of a young Belizean girl who commits her life to God and pours out her energy as a faithful wife and loving mother, faithful in the daily grind of thankless tasks and committed to blessing those around her.

Church Matters – Gary Miller
Disagreements and church splits can be disillusioning, both to those within our churches and to seekers. How can people with different views and gifts work together to achieve Jesus’ vision of church unity “that the world may know”? In Church Matters, Gary Miller compares the current state of the church with God’s original vision as seen in the book of Acts. His examination of God’s purpose for your congregation is a thought-provoking challenge to complacency and to the conflicts and struggles that keep us from reaching others with the Gospel.

Clouds of War -Elsie Singmaster, Illustrated by Lana Kuhns
Clouds of war rolled over the Cloister where the Martyrs Mirror was being printed. A knock was heard on the door. It was the soldiers, and they demanded that unbound copies of the Martyrs Mirror be handed over for the military to use as gun wadding. Would a book that extols the virtues of non-resistance be conscripted into the military to be used to kill?

Doxology in Darkness – Rachael Lofgren
Esther and her family assisted those who needed help the most and tenderly cared for those who were rejected. But when their love is returned with hatred, the family is severely tested. Will they be able to forgive in the midst of terrible tragedy?

God’s Secret Agent – Diane Yoder
Nicu wanted to serve God in any capacity he could, but he had not anticipated an assignment full of danger and sleepless nights. Yet the opportunity sparked a sense of excitement and purpose. Nicu constantly had to place his life in God’s hands. As he did, he witnessed miracle after miracle. A faith-strengthening story of how God’s hand protected His secret agent time and again.

Like a Mighty Giant – Rachael Lofgren
Tenny’s father didn’t know how to lovingly train his children, but he did teach them to work. This was helpful when Tenny was blessed with many children. When her husband left the family, she was tried and tested. Join Tenny in the twists and turns of her journey.

Miracle in Room 3123 – Bill & Pauline Miller with Sherilyn Yoder
Bill and Pauline look forward to spending Christmas at home with their children. But a mysterious illness sends Bill to the hospital, where he battles for his life. It sends Pauline to her knees, where she battles to give up her will and surrender her husband to God.

Ornament of Grace– Christine Diller
True character-building stories for teenage girls. The author writes from her own experiences and those of her family, showing important lessons learned at home, in school, at work, and in church.

Prejudice & Pardon– Laura Smucker
Have you heard about the injustice toward blacks in the mid-twentieth century? Lillie, born into a sharecropper’s home in the Deep South, faces struggles at a young age. Many times she is treated with prejudice and needs to forgive. Find out how she learns to trust Jesus and pardon those who mistreat her.

Samuel’s Choice– Anne Hilty Illustrated by Lana Kuhns
Samuel learns about nonresistance when the soldiers take all their food. As the community opens their home to wounded soldiers, it slowly dawns on Samuel that Christ does not expect him to do nothing. A great reward comes when some of the Martyrs Mirrors confiscated by the military are bought back.

Stronger Than Fire – Mark Yoder
Have you ever wondered how the Bible was translated? Read about Casiodoro de Reina, the translator of the Spanish Bible, and his struggle with the leaders of the Catholic church who did not want to see his work completed. Despite the torture of many Christians, Casiodoro successfully completed the translation of the Bible that many Spanish people still love and use today.

Summer of the Talking Crow– Rhoda Witmer
The Summer of the Talking Crow is the summer that Louise will never forget. This true story, written for primary-age readers, will captivate young and old as they read how Louise and her family raise a mischievous crow that can talk.

The Debt I Owe – Johnny Miller
Many inspirational and humorous experiences happened to Johnny Miller while he served his term of 1-W service in a hospital rather than serve in the army during the Vietnam War. Your heart will be warmed as you read about his efforts to share the love of Christ with those he encountered.

Violet’s Cabin – Lily A Bear
Has someone you know struggled with cancer? Nine year old Violet is determined to win the battle against the dreaded enemy that has invaded her body. Not only will you cheer her victories, but you will also realize that the God of love is also God over cancer




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