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Six New Books


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Hope for Heidi
Heidi had been a carefree eleven-year-old bustling around and skipping off to school. Suddenly she was flat on her back in the hospital, unable to move her legs. But Heidi chose not to despair. Instead, she found hope for the future and joy for each day by trusting God and serving others.

Fatherless is the story of the author’s wife Larissa and her mother as they grew up in Ukraine in the waning years of communism. This story vividly portrays the pain and bondage of a life of sin. It also points to the One who can free us from that bondage— the God in heaven who is a Father to all who seek Him, even the fatherless.

Reaching America
Why are so few of our neighbors joining our Anabaptist churches? Are we not passionately reaching out to them with the Gospel, or are they becoming increasingly indifferent? Does the problem lie with us or with them? To better understand our neighbors and learn how to reach out to them, the author reviews some of the calls received by Christian Aid Ministries’ Billboard Evangelism program.

A Peaceful Way
First came the coloring book, and now comes the full-color book for young readers. This is the beautiful story about the peace-loving Quakers who took no guns with them to their meeting and kept their church house doors open. Then the Indians came and saw the open door. A great lesson in non-resistance.

Mr. Pepper Hurries
Mr. and Mrs. Pepper live on a farm with their two children, Pepito and Polly. Follow Mr. Pepper and his family though a day on the farm. Mr. Pepper hurries to feed the cows, pigs, horses, and goats. He hurries through breakfast. But his hurrying stops when his tractor won’t start. Delightfully illustrated. Another book in the Happy Day Farm Series.

Heather the Sheep
Heather was afraid when she came to her new home. What would happen to her now? But Heather had nothing to worry about. The shepherd was there to help her. One cold winter morning Heather had a BIG surprise for the shepherd. Two surprises! Heather was happy and so was the shepherd. A Green Meadow Series book.

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