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Simon Schrock Six Book Value Pack


You save $5.94! when you buy Your Strength Can Become Your Weakness, Growing in Godly Thinking, What Shall the Redeemed Wear?, Where has Integrity Gone?, One-Anothering, and A Smoother Journey.

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Your Strength Can Become Your Weakness
Without proper balance, your God-given strengths can become weaknesses that hinder your relationship with Christ and others. This book is a call to examine your life to see where your blind spots are and how to become a more effective leader and teammate.

Growing in Godly Thinking
The contents of this book explain steps that are helpful in dealing with spiritually destructive thoughts and ideas.

What Shall the Redeemed Wear?
Does God care how His redeemed children dress themselves? An in-depth look at what the Bible says about appearance.

Where Has Integrity Gone?
Some say it is necessary to lie at times. Some say you can lie and retain your personal integrity. But what do the scriptures say? God wants to be represented by men and women of integrity.

It’s time to get along and help each other. Seventeen chapters treat the “one-anothers” from the Bible—love, hospitality, forgiveness, comfort, and more.

A Smoother Journey
God’s highest priority is your relationship with Him. His second is for you to have a good relationship with your fellow travelers on the journey of life.


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