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School Library Value Pack


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School Library Value Pack includes:

101 Favorite Stories from the Bible
A Flame Forever Bright
A Peaceful Way
A Single Page
A Witness for Him
Against the Odds
Amish by Adoption
Angels in the Night
Backyard Safari
Bart the Bully Goat
Betteken’s Refuge
Blind Martha
Charting a Course in Your Youth
Charting A Course Study Guide
Chicken Chores & Open Doors
Clouds of War
Daddy, Are You Sad?
Dear Brother Patrick
Destination Africa
Destiny by Choice
Dortrecht Confession of Faith
Fabric of Endurance
Faces of Syria
From the White House to the Amish
God’s Secret Agent
Grandma Myrtle and Her Helpers
Heather the Sheep
Helen’s Temper
Hope for Heidi
Jesus and Proverbs
Lenape Homeland
Life in a Global Village
Little Amazon
Mr. Pepper Hurries
No Turning Back
Nobody’s Boy
Old-Time Bible Stories
Ornament of Grace
Precious: Handle with Care
Prejudice and Pardon
Rebecca’s Reward
Robert Hardy’s Seven Days
Samuel’s Choice
Searching for Meaning
Seventeen-Ounce Miracle
Sometimes Mirrors Lie
Stronger than Fire
Summer of the Talking Crow
Tech Talk
The Celestial Message
The Debt I Owe
The Final Conquest
The Matthew Challenge
This Side of the Global Wall
Three Can Be Friends
Two Boys Chosen
Unconditional Surrender
Violet’s Cabin
Voices of Syria
What Is the Bible?
What the Blind Man Saw
When God Calls
When Others Make Your Life Difficult
Why, God, Why?


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