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Howard Bean~ Six Book Value Pack


You save $9.70 when you buy Daily Strength for Growing Youth, Daily Truth for Godly Youth, Fruitful Families, A Good Minister, Faithful Families, and Worshipful Families.

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Daily Strength for Growing Youth
A group of prospectors struck it rich after panning gold for a whole day and they needed supplies from town. Back in town, they quietly outfitted themselves for the trip. But when they started back, three hundred men trailed them. The group had not said a word about the gold strike, but their faces gave it away. The attitude and actions of a person with a close relationship with God bears witness to the world.

Daily Truth for Godly Youth
“Just like tea, the longer we are immersed in the Word, the stronger we become.” This devotional book offers 365 meditations on God’s Word to strengthen the soul. Interesting, practical, and uplifting. For teens and adults.

Fruitful Families
Each of the ninety-one lessons on growing spiritually consists of two parts; one for adults and the other for children. Includes discussion questions.

A Good Minister
This book provides warm, practical, and inspirational counsel for the newly ordained, veteran ministers, or anyone with Christian leadership responsibilities.

Worshipful Families
The ninety-one lessons are split into two parts. The first part for adults includes scripture reading, theme verses, and devotionals. The second part has a continued story for children along with questions for discussion.

Faithful Families
Many parents see the importance of family worship, but struggle to find material suitable for their whole family. Faithful Families is part of a series of devotional books that addresses that need. Each day’s lesson consists of two parts. The first part is especially for Dad and Mom and older children. It includes a suggested Scripture reading, a theme verse, and a devotional meditation on the topic introduced by the Scripture reading. The second part consists of a reading from a continued children’s story related to that week’s theme. Each story is followed by questions for review and discussion, which provide opportunities for applying the theme to life. Each of the thirteen sections in this book focuses on a different character in the Bible. Together these sections provide enough readings for approximately a quarter of a year.

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Author: Howard Bean, Publisher: Christian Light Publications


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