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Where is Lazarus?
The author challenges us to take a closer look at Jesus’ story of the rich man and Lazarus. What if extreme poverty were just outside our door? How would it affect our choices? How close do you get to people with real needs? Where is Lazarus in your life? Pencil sketches throughout.

Tech Talk
Digital technology is both helpful and harmful, delightful and dangerous. This presents a challenge compelling godly youth to make difficult choices. Peer pressure is powerful, and no one wants to be left behind. How are youth going to survive this enticing world of technology? This book offers Biblical principles, practical guidance, and a group study guide to help young people make hard choices in a soft society.

Reaching America 
Why are so few of our neighbors joining our Anabaptist churches? Are we not passionately reaching out to them with the Gospel, or are they becoming increasingly indifferent? Does the problem lie with us or with them? To better understand our neighbors and learn how to reach out to them, the author reviews some of the calls received by Christian Aid Ministries’ Billboard Evangelism program.

Surviving the Tech Tsunami
Electronic technology is tremendously impacting our occupations, our families, our personal lives, and also our churches. This behind-the-scenes glimpse at the cultural upheaval caused by technology should serve as a sober wakeup call and help our families and churches weather the tech tsunami.

Church Matters
How can you increase the impact of your church in the world around you? Why do we struggle so much to be a light to the world? Are splits and disagreements okay? The author compares the current state of the church with God’s original vision of the church as seen in the book of Acts.




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