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It’s Not Your Business
How can business owners intentionally pursue the kingdom of God while using their resources wisely? Find ways to keep Christ at the center of your business in a materialistic world.

Going Till You’re Gone
This book encourages Christians to develop and maintain a Kingdom-focused vision throughout life. It helps readers realize the possibilities of a life that is sold out for Christ. Most of all, it is a plea for older folks to live a Kingdom-focused life to the end.

Charting a Course in Your Youth
Helping youth develop a Christ-centered focus early in life, especially in finances, is the focal point of this book. Gary points youth to foundational Biblical truth with captivating stories.

The Other Side of the Wall
The author applies profound Biblical principles for giving financially in your local community or abroad. Real-life examples make this book enjoyable to read. Applying these principles to your life has the potential to impact many lives.

Kingdom-Focused Finances for the Family
This book directs the reader to make Biblically sound decisions about life and finances. It contains a practical nuts-and-bolts approach to Christian finances. The author points to principles that matter now and for eternity.

Church Matters
Disagreements and church splits can be disillusioning, both to those within our churches and to seekers. How can people with different views and gifts work together to achieve Jesus’ vision of church unity “that the world may know”? In Church Matters, Gary Miller compares the current state of the church with God’s original vision as seen in the book of Acts. His examination of God’s purpose for your congregation is a thought-provoking challenge to complacency and to the conflicts and struggles that keep us from reaching others with the Gospel.

This Side of the Global Wall
Using pictures and graphs, this book creates awareness of the startling economic disparities in our world today. As wealthy Americans, what will we do with the blessings we’ve been given?

Life in a Global Village
The people around us affect our view of wealth and what we need to live. What if the world population were shrunk to a village of 100 people and you lived in that village? How would your neighbors live? What would they believe? How would that change your perspective? This book gives a glimpse into the world outside our own communities and helps us see people through the eyes of Jesus.

Jesus Really Said That?
This book presents five teachings of Jesus that might surprise you. It tells the story of Jeremy and Alicia, a couple who thought they understand Christianity and knew what it meant to be Christians . . . until they began to look at what Jesus actually said!

God is Good?
Nick is fed up with life and aggravated by the simple-minded people who believe in a supreme being in spite of all the agony and chaos around them. How can they have the audacity to say their God is good? Written in story form and ending with the author’s personal journey, this book is a good gift for an agnostic or atheist friend. It can also be used to strengthen the faith of a Christian believer.

Radical Islam
How should Christians respond to the threat of radical Islamic terrorism? Would a follower of Jesus live in fear of an Islamic takeover and try to prevent Muslims from entering his country? Is this his civic duty? To answer these questions, Gary Miller takes a look at the life of Jesus. How would He respond if He were living in a country governed by radical Islam? A great book to pass out on the street or give to your retail customers.

Know Before You Go
Every year, thousands of well-intentioned Americans travel to distant countries to help the needy. But could some of these short-term mission trips be doing more harm than good? This book encourages those hoping to make a difference in the world to reexamine their goals and methods.

What Happened to our Money
Ignorance of Biblical money management often sets young people on a path of financial hardship that results in anxiety, marital discord, depression, and envy. This book presents young couples with foundational truths on which to build their financial lives.

Surviving the Tech Tsunami
Electronic technology is taking our culture by storm. This is having a profound effect, not just on society at large, but on our occupations, our families, and our personal lives. It is also having a tremendous impact on our churches, as the author discovered in his interviews with youth and ministers across the conservative Anabaptist spectrum. This behind-the-scenes glimpse at the cultural upheaval caused by technology should serve as a sober wakeup call and help our families and churches weather the tech tsunami.

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