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Freedom’s Star, The Miner’s Song, Horse Stories, March Forward, By the Feilds of Fish Creek Value Pack


You save $6.97! when you buy Freedom's Star by Rebecca Martin, The Miner's Song by Loreen Plett, Horse Stories from the Man who Played with Sticks by Johnny Ruhl, March Forward with the Word by Andrew St. Marie, and By the Fields of Fish Creek by Judy Yoder.

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Freedom’s Star
The Peter Miller you met in Clyde the Rebel is now a wealthy farmer who wants to make a new home for his family in Canada. The Bolger family also wants to move to Canada, but they are fleeing the cruel oppression of slavery in Virginia. Will they arrive safely?

The Miner’s Song
Mining meant everything to Ramón but one night his life took a tragic turn, and he sank into a pit of despair and bitterness. In the hospital, songs about Jesus and hope swept through this lonely heart. This is the wonderful story of two desperate souls, and how a merciful God used one of them to bring grace, peace, and a song to the other. Author of Returning Home, Crossing the Distance, and Secret Shadow.

Horse Stories from the Man Who Played with Sticks
Author Johnny Ruhl is an experienced horse trainer. While working with horses, he would often think of the parallels between training horses and the important lessons we need to learn to live fulfilled, God- honoring lives. That is how this collection of artfully crafted horse stories came to be. Great stories for children and life-changing Biblical principles for adults.

By the Fields of Fish Creek
Eli enjoys his work on the farm in eastern Kansas but is nev­er happier than when he has time to explore Fish Creek. When Dad and Mom begin to pray about another move, will Eli’s dreams of becoming a cowboy farmer on the prairie be lost forever? Sequel to You Are Too Small, Little Eli.

March Forward With the Word
In the midst of tall castles, dreadful plagues, spiritual decay, and the superstition and darkness of sixteenth-century Europe, the Anabaptist revival burst into flames. One of the first leaders was a partying university dropout who met Christ and was transformed into a fiery preacher, confronting and challenging the accepted dogma of the day. Follow Conrad Grebel as he follows Christ.


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