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Four New Inspirational Books


Save $8.96 when you buy Led by His Hand, Sylvester’s Journal, Destiny by Choice, and Captain Garrison


Led by His Hand
These stories portray the missionary ventures of Merle and Edith, told with a touch of humor. As God led the couple to minister to souls in snowy Ontario and sunny Haiti, their journey is mixed with success, failure, and everyday happenings. Their kingdom work continues in other countries around the world. 16-page color photo section

Sylvester’s Journal
A closed door. A locked desk. A hidden journal. Irregular trips to town. Sylvester Martin has built a wall around his heart that shuts out his wife—and God. Who really is this man and what is troubling him?

Destiny by Choice
Defining moments—we all face them. Times of testing. Personal crises. The crossroads of life. Destiny by Choice is a collection of true stories. Though each journey is different, the characters have one thing in common: God is asking them to choose the right path. These stories soberly remind us that choices take people places—and eventually to one of two eternal destinies.

Captain Garrison
For years, Nicholas faces storms, pirates, and the lure of loose living. He longs to be worthy of his family’s trust. Then, desperately ill, Nicholas realizes he is not smart enough to escape, not good enough for heaven—he deserves to die. In anguish he cries, “Father God! Give me one more chance!”

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