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Forever with the Lord & A Flame Forever Bright Audio CD Value Pack


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Forever with the Lord – Angela K. Zehr
Ursula knows the Anabaptists are hunted, captured, and sometimes killed. Yet she sees her sister Margaretha and her husband Michael Sattler join the Anabaptists. How can Ursula know if the Anabaptists are following the Bible?

A Flame Forever BrightClaudia Esh
The story of Dirk Willems rescuing his pursuer who fell through the ice is one of the best-known stories in the Martyrs Mirror. However, almost nothing is known about Willems’ life prior to his arrest and being burned at the stake. A Flame Forever Bright weaves the basic facts of Dirk Willems’ life and fictional narrative to tell his story through the eyes of his younger sister Lucia. Set in Holland in the 1500s.


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