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Fall 2017 Inspirational Reading Four Book Value Pack


You save $4.96! when you buy God’s Secret Agent by Diane Yoder, Song of the Shepherdess  by Gwendolyn Hertzler,  Bread Upon the Waters by Elizabeth Wagler and Miracle in Room 3123 by Bill & Pauline Yoder.

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God’s Secret Agent – Diane Yoder
Nicu wanted to serve God in any capacity he could, but he had not anticipated an assignment full of danger and sleepless nights. Yet the opportunity sparked a sense of excitement and purpose. Nicu constantly had to place his life in God’s hands. As he did, he witnessed miracle after miracle. A faith-strengthening story of how God’s hand protected His secret agent time and again.

Song of the Shepherdess – Gwendolyn Hertzler
A heart-wrenching story of the tragedy of sin and the great love of a Shepherd who tirelessly seeks His wandering sheep. Luisa struggles to break free from a background of witchcraft, alcoholism, and poverty after receiving the truth brought to her by Mennonite missionaries in Guatemala. Her journey is marked by cycles of defeat and relentless searches for truth and fellowship. Will she ever surrender and return to God and His people?

Bread upon the Waters – Elizabeth Wagler
Gertel Wagner is not famous, but those who come in contact with her are blessed by her warmth and hospitality. This story traces the story of a young Belizean girl who commits her life to God and pours out her energy as a faithful wife and loving mother, faithful in the daily grind of thankless tasks and committed to blessing those around her.

Miracle in Room 3123 – Bill & Pauline Miller with Sherilyn Yoder
Bill and Pauline look forward to spending Christmas at home with their children. But a mysterious illness sends Bill to the hospital, where he battles for his life. It sends Pauline to her knees, where she battles to give up her will and surrender her husband to God.


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