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Exploring Series value pack


You save $20.92! Includes 8 titles: The World of Astronomy, The World of Biology, The World of Physics, The World Around You, Planet Earth, The World of Mathematics, The World of Chemistry, and The History of Medicine.

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The World of Astronomy
From the rugged surface of the moon to distant and mysterious constellations, this book provides an exciting educational tour for students. Reach deep into space with this God-honoring title to learn about a blue moon, the 400-year storm on Jupiter, and how to find constellations throughout the year.

Planet Earth
Read about Isaac Newton, the greatest scientist who ever lived, and his passion for Bible study. Read about glaciers, the history of Yellowstone National Park, the mystery of tides, and more.

The World of Physics
At sea level, an egg can be hard boiled in three minutes. But can you hard boil an egg in Denver in that amount of time? Find out this and much more in The World of Physics!

The History of Medicine
Find out fascinating facts such as why almost 100 mothers died in a maternity ward attended by doctors, but only about five mothers died in a ward attended by midwives.

The World of Mathematics
Why did George Washington list his birthday as both February 11 and February 22? What is a googleplex? How many colors are needed to color a U.S. map so that no two regions sharing the same border have the same color?

The World of Chemistry
The students believed the cook was making their morning meal with leftovers from their dinner plates the previous night. How could the boarders prove their suspicions? By doing a simple chemistry test, they found their answer. Many more interesting stories!

The World of Biology
How has Alex’s see- through stomach and Dr. Beaumont helped police calculate the time of death of murder victims? What is the most dangerous bird on earth? The World of Biology is a fascinating look at life—from the smallest proteins and spores, to the complex life systems of humans and animals.

The World Around You
Suppose we gave each person in the world one square yard to stand on—how much space would all the people take? The answer may be surprising. This book, written from a Biblical worldview, is filled with facts about our earth and the web of life.

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