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Under God’s Watchful Care
Fasten your seatbelts. We’ll go all the way around the world—and come back at the same time we started. In this book we will meet 24 children who live in 24 different time zones. It will be midnight in one place, 1:00 a.m. in another, and so on. At each stop, we will explore the country and find out how the people live. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Mara’s Gift
Rachit, a young boy in Cambodia, was excited. His teachers were hosting a Christmas party at school and had promised snacks and gifts. His sister Mara could not go along. With her crippled legs, she had to stay at home. Rachit wanted to bring her something. This true story tells us how God provided a gift for Mara—in a way no one expected.

Hamlet the Hog
Hamlet was a very clever piglet that lived with his mother, five brothers, and one sister on Happy Day Farm. He snorted and snuffled, grunted and grubbed, and slopped and slurped. But what he loved most was his puddle. And it was the puddle that taught him a valuable lesson.

Something Good
Seven-year-old Krista sometimes felt like she was not needed at home. One day when studying her memory verse, she had an idea. Excitedly she began to make plans. No longer did Krista feel bored and useless. Discover what Krista did, and the important secret she learned.

Sam and His Friends
Sam was a friendly Golden Retriever with lots of friends. He enjoyed his friends and even tried to “talk” to them. Sam liked everyone and everyone liked Sam. Well, almost everyone. Fully illustrated.

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