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Children’s Books Value Pack


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God Makes a Way
Faith is a young girl in Liberia. She often wonders if there will be rice for supper. She doesn’t sleep well when she goes to bed hungry. This story takes us through Faith’s day. Faith learns something important: God will make a way. He always does.

Blackie the Crow
Blackie the crow teased the dog, he teased the cats, and he teased visitors. He even picked beans, but he picked them out of the bucket, not out of the garden. Blackie followed the children to school one day. What a surprise to see him there! This true story will delight young children.

Angel Wolf
Being a Christian in the Soviet Union during the 1930s was not easy. When Pavel was shipped to a Siberia prison camp, he suffered from cold and hunger. But God was with him. This true story tells how God sent a four-legged “angel” to help him.

A Friend for Nelda
The Pepper family brought long-eared Sparkle to Happy Day Farm to be a friend to Nelda the horse. Nelda did not care at all for Sparkle and made life difficult for her. What could Sparkle do to become Nelda’s friend? Happy Day Farm Series book.

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