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7 Lamplighter Classic Books value pack


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Buy all seven Lamplighter Classic Books! Amy & Her Brothers, Buried in the Snow, Mary Jones and Her Bible, Probable Sons, Jessica’s First Prayer, Tom Watkin’s Mistake, and Clean Your Boots, Sir?

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Amy & Her Brothers
The heartache and innocent faith of an orphan child challenges us to be more attentive to the hidden suffering around us and the hurts of those nearby. The heart of this story, however, lies in the incredible relationship between a brother and sister who show love and forgiveness toward their selfish and greedy older brother.

Buried in the Snow
A boy and his grandfather come face to face with their own mortality within a tomb of snow. Reliance upon God is their only option, as escape is impossible. They fight off predators and the terror produced by the uncertainties of their snowy grave.

Mary Jones and Her Bible
This true story takes place in a town in Wales where food and clothing were difficult enough to obtain, but young Mary longs for nothing more extravagant than her own Bible. Her earnest dedication and testimony were substantially responsible for the founding of the British and Foreign Bible Society in 1804.

Probable Sons
Probable Sons etches into hearts the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation. This delightful story will keep you smiling as little Milly boldly and innocently exhorts “probable sons” to return home. (She can’t pronounce “prodigal.”)

Jessica’s First Prayer
Barefoot little Jessica lives in a home where no one knows about God. She looks forward to spending time once a week with Mr. Dan’el, a miserly old coffee peddler who eases his darkened conscience by giving her stale bread and coffee. Jessica’s prayers and innocent questions go straight to the peddler’s heart.

Tom Watkin’s Mistake
A brother and sister, enticed by material gain, forfeit their good reputation. A lesson to guard against dishonesty and deception.

Clean Your Boots, Sir?
A hardworking shoeshine boy is willing to clean the filthy old boots of a farmer even when he knows the farmer doesn’t pay well. Later, a small act of honesty, when he thinks no one is looking, causes him to become successful for the rest of his life.


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