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3 New Book Value Pack


Save $7.97! when you buy: Destination Africa, Samuel’s Choice, and 101 Favorite Stories from the Bible

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Destination Africa- Marcellus Beachy
Join Marcellus Beachy on an African safari to see many animals up close through exceptional photography often seen only in expensive magazines. Also learn facts about each animal and marvel at the variety of God’s creation.

101 Favorite Stories From the BibleUra Miller Illustrated by: Gloria Oostema
New and larger size with revised text! The Bible story book many of you love to read is now available as a square book. The larger size and bigger pictures make it easier for children to hold and look at. The text has been revised, but the pictures are the same.

Samuel’s ChoiceAnne Hilty , Illustrated by: Lana Kuhns
Samuel learns about nonresistance when the soldiers take all their food. As the community opens their home to wounded soldiers, it slowly dawns on Samuel that Christ does not expect him to do nothing. A great reward comes when some of the Martyrs Mirrors confiscated by the military are bought back.

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