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Save $5.97! When you buy: Surviving the Tech Tsunami, Nobody’s Boy and Fabric of Endurance

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Surviving the Tech Tsunami– Gary Miller
Electronic technology is taking our culture by storm. This is having a profound effect, not just on society at large, but on our occupations, our families, and our personal lives. It is also having a tremendous impact on our churches. As followers of Jesus in these last days, how concerned should we be? This behind-the-scenes glimpse at the cultural upheaval caused by technology should serve as a sober wakeup call and help our families and churches weather the tech tsunami.

Nobody’s Boy- Velina Showalter
As a child, Obando observes his dark-haired, brown-skinned schoolmates and compares their appearance to his own blond hair and blue eyes. His longing to know who he is sends him on a journey that you don’t want to miss.

Fabric of Endurance– Harold R. Troyer
Sheldon’s heart heaved in desperation as he tried to move. He could not feel his right leg. He strained to move it, but nothing happened. Oh God, what is happening? My God, help me.

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