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3 Book Value Pack


Save $4.97 when you buy Jesus and Proverbs, The Matthew Challenge and Searching for Meaning

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Jesus and Proverbs
Can the Proverbs teachings regarding wealth and business be reconciled with the teachings of Jesus? How should we view money? What is God’s will for us today? This book, an expanded version of a section in the book It’s Not Your Business, tries to answer these questions.

The Matthew Challenge
The twenty-eight chapters in this book each include a chapter from the Gospel of Matthew in the World English Bible. The commentary and questions guide the reader to understand who Jesus really is. An excellent ministry resource for mass distribution or to give to your neighbors.

Searching for Meaning
Life isn’t meant to be hopeless or meaningless. God has answers. Solomon had every material thing he could wish for, yet he lacked one thing: meaning in life. To find it, he went on a quest. This book was previously published under the title Where Is God When Life Doesn’t Make Sense?

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