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3 Book Value Pack


Save $4.97! When you buy: Doxology in Darkness by Rachael Lofgren, Church Matters by Gary Miller, and Ornament of Grace by Christine Diller.


Church Matters – Gary Miller
Disagreements and church splits can be disillusioning, both to those within our churches and to seekers. How can people with different views and gifts work together to achieve Jesus’ vision of church unity “that the world may know”? In Church Matters, Gary Miller compares the current state of the church with God’s original vision as seen in the book of Acts. His examination of God’s purpose for your congregation is a thought-provoking challenge to complacency and to the conflicts and struggles that keep us from reaching others with the Gospel.

Doxology in Darkness – Rachael Lofgren
Esther and her family assisted those who needed help the most and tenderly cared for those who were rejected. But when their love is returned with hatred, the family is severely tested. Will they be able to forgive in the midst of terrible tragedy?

Ornament of Grace– Christine Diller
True character-building stories for teenage girls. The author writes from her own experiences and those of her family, showing important lessons learned at home, in school, at work, and in church.


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