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2023 New Books


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Captured by Gangsters
A masked gangster yanked Dale from the driver’s seat of the fifteen-passenger van. Another gangster rudely slapped his face while yet another jumped into the van and drove off. After being stuffed into the back of a stolen ambulance, Dale could see little as they raced along. He was sure he was going to die. This book is a short, easy-to-read account of the seventeen missionaries held in Haiti. Pencil sketches throughout

Better Safe Than Sorry
Real life accident stories, tips, and more, are addressed in this book. Not only is this book filled with interesting true stories, it is also a guide to everyday safety in the home and community, on the farm, and on the road. This easy-to-read book is filled with full-color pictures and illustrations.

Where is Lazarus?
The author challenges us to take a closer look at Jesus’ story of the rich man and Lazarus. What if extreme poverty were just outside our door? How would it affect our choices? How close do you get to people with real needs? Where is Lazarus in your life? Pencil sketches throughout.

Hope for a Mother’s Heart
Gently rock your little one as you read the stories in this book. You might cry with the author, and you might laugh as well. You will find that, in this journey of motherhood, you are never alone. This book is full of hope, helping you see that God will provide the courage and strength to carry you through the joys and struggles of mothering.

Polly’s Birthday Party
Polly has a birthday, and Sparkle the donkey is right in the middle of everything. Does Sparkle like ice-cream cones? A few children, an eager donkey, and a poor cart can quickly bring excitement to children and parents. A Happy Day Farm Series book.

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