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2022 Spring New Books Value Pack


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Out of the Miry Clay

Mauren was uneasy. For days now, Hurricane Mitch had been dumping tons of rain on Nicaragua. Once more she gazed warily up the side of the mountain. Something caught her eye. Her heart froze . . . Farther west, on the Casita Volcano, Ricardo was checking his crops on the lower slopes. He too was uneasy. Never had it rained like this. He paused as a sudden rumble arrested his attention. His eyes widened as he looked up. In disbelief, he turned to run . . . Two families, two mountains—but one storm and one God.


Quest for Truth

Crying in anguish, young Luba clung to her mother as the car carrying her father disappeared. Would she ever see him again? Growing up in Ukraine at the height of the Soviet Union’s power, Luba survived a deadly man-made famine and was forced to toil in a labor camp. But perhaps most unsettling of all were the agonizing questions: Are the communists right? Is there really no God? As Luba and her son Sergei and his wife seek answers to these questions, they face discouragement and despair. Sergei is sure that if he could escape the tyranny of communism, he would be happy. But when that doesn’t help, he is desperate.

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