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2020 New Books Value Pack


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From the White House to the Amish
Nothing, it seemed—not even the prestige of working in the White House and the CIA—could take away Tom’s disillusionment and despair. Did God even care? In His own time and place He answered. Through an unexpected voice and an unpretentious Amish man, Tom Kirkman was forever changed.

No Turning Back
There was no time to react. As the cycles came into view, the young men’s hearts froze. Boko Haram! The thought struck all three of them with frightening reality. Boko Haram soldiers often drove around on motorcycles doing their pillaging, but they usually hit at night, not in the morning. “There’s no time to run!” Tumba hissed. 16-page color photo section

It was A.D. 284. Christians were enjoying a time of peace in the Roman Empire. But would it last? Already warning signs were on the horizon. Could the new emperor be trusted?

Sometimes Mirrors Lie
Forty-one stories that teach practical lessons from Proverbs and inspire boys and girls to grow in wisdom and courage.

Charting A Course Study Guide
A companion product to Gary Miller’s book, Charting a Course in Your Youth. Excellent for group studies at youth gatherings, Wednesday evening services, or Bible schools.

Why, God, Why?
We all go through hard times when we wonder, God, where are you? Why is this happening to me? This book gives us a glimpse of God’s love and sovereignty—even amid our trials.

A Peaceful Way coloring book
Would the open door at a Quaker meetinghouse convince Indian warriors not to kill Robert Nisbet and other Friends? The way of peace, as told and shown in this coloring book, introduces young children to Christ’s way of non-resistance.

Jasper’s Secret
Jasper the puppy was lonely. He chased mice, but he was still lonely. He chased fish, but he was still lonely. Then Jasper found a friend, another baby that wanted to play. It was Jasper’s secret. A true story, fully illustrated.

Little Pony
Children will love the true story of Little Pony: the places he went, the things he did, and the children who loved him. What excitement he caused when he visited school and played ball!

A Song for Wooster
Wooster the rooster lives on Happy Day Farm. He really wants to learn how to sing. But things don’t go well as he tries to imitate the other creatures on the farm. At last he learns from his father to sing his own song. Fully illustrated, this book is eye appealing and educational for your children.

Bart the Bully Goat
Bart learned the hard way to not be a bully. His antics, captured in delightful illustrations, will keep your young children turning the pages.

Grandma Myrtle and Her Helpers
Though Grandma Myrtle has multiple sclerosis and cannot walk, she enjoys many of the same things most grandmas do. The Yoder children serve as Grandma’s helpers and learn that true fulfillment comes from willingly offering their hands and feet to someone in need.

Precious: Handle with Care
What would become of a tiny baby caught in the grip of a tragedy? Who would care for her with her enormous mental and physical challenges? God had a plan. Through adoption, little Katia finds a safe home.

Jesus and Proverbs
Can the teachings in Proverbs regarding wealth and business be reconciled with the teachings of Jesus? How should we view money? What is God’s will for us today? This book, an expanded version of a section in the book It’s Not Your Business, tries to answer these questions.

Searching for Meaning
Life isn’t meant to be hopeless or meaningless. God has answers. Solomon had every material thing he could wish for, yet he lacked one thing: meaning in life. To find it, he went on a quest. This
book was previously published under the title Where Is God When Life Doesn’t Make Sense?

The Matthew Challenge
The twenty-eight chapters in this book each include a chapter from the Gospel of Matthew in the World English Bible. The commentary and questions guide the reader to understand who Jesus really is. An excellent ministry resource for mass distribution or to give to your neighbors.

The Final Conquest
The story of how Isaac Glikkikan remained steadfast in his faith amid the terrors of war, betrayal by his beloved teacher, deportation, and starvation. Throughout the supreme tests Glikkikan endured, he still loved his fellowman and at last found a permanent homeland for his people. Volume seven.

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