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Learn how God miraculously delivered seventeen missionaries from their captors!

Kidnapped in Haiti

Katrina Hoover Lee

October 16, 2021, dawned clear and warm in Haiti—a perfect day for the planned trip to the orphanage. Little did the seventeen missionaries realize they would not make it home that day. Not even when the cry came, “Roadblock ahead!”

Although violence was an expected part of life in Haiti, the missionaries had not sensed any great danger; the gangs normally only wanted their money. Today, however, was different. As the bus hurtled down the road with armed gangsters in control, the missionaries faced a horrifying truth—they were being kidnapped.

6 x 9 | 352 pages
8-page color photo section

The Hostages

Katrina Hoover Lee

Katrina lives in Elkhart, Indiana, with her husband Marnell and daughter Anina. She is the author of eight other books published by Christian Aid Ministries. These works include Blue Christmas (about her short-term volunteer work in northern Haiti in 2010), Captain Garrison, and From the White House to the Amish. Katrina is currently writing and self-publishing a middle-grade Christian adventure series. To keep in touch, subscribe to Katrina’s email list at, or write to Katrina Lee, P.O. Box 2155, Elkhart, Indiana 46515. You may also write to her in care of Christian Aid Ministries, P.O. Box 360, Berlin, Ohio 44610.