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Sign-message2 Gospel Sign value pack

Includes all 24 Gospel Signs! You save $63.80.

* Jesus is coming! Are you ready?
* You must be born again. Read John 3
* Bound by sin? Jesus Christ brings freedom! Read John 8
* Don't gamble with your soul! Read James 4:14
* Eternity ahead. Are you ready? Read John 3:36
* In the beginning God six days. Read Genesis 1
* It's your choice-heaven or hell. Read John 3:36
* Jesus calms troubled hearts. Read John 14
* Jesus is Lord! Is He Lord of your life? Read Acts 17:24
* Jesus is the answer! Read John 14:6
* Jesus is the ONLY way to God. Read John 14:6
* Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life. Read John 14:6
* You cannot serve God and Satan. Read Matthew 6:24
* No hope without Jesus! Read Ephesians 2
* Peace is knowing Jesus. Read John 14:27
* Read the Bible. It is God speaking. Read Romans 10:17
* Repent or perish! Read John 3:16
* Seek God with your whole heart. Read Matthew 6:33
* The price for sin is death. Jesus saves! Read Romans 6:23
* To love God is to obey God. Read John 14:23
* The Truth will make you FREE! Read John 8:32
* What will you do with Jesus? Accept or reject. Read John 14:6
* Where will you spend eternity? Read Hebrews 9:27
* With Christ, life is worth living! Read Romans 6

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Item: GS1005

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Sign-message1 Gospel Sign Messages

As ancient Israel had scripture on their door post, so we can display the Gospel on our front lawn to challenge and motivate ourselves and a lost world. These affordable Gospel signs sow the seed so God can give the increase. The signs witness to travelers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in sunshine, rain, or snow. Sign message the same on both sides.

Shipping & handling for Gospel sign messages is 10% of total (ships via UPS)

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Price: $9.95

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